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Liability Insurance

LIABILITY INSURANCE 1. Public Liability Insurance Coverage: BSH will indemnify the insured for the damages to property and health occurring  to the 3rd party with the risks: – The unexpected damages for people (injury or morbidity) – The unexpected damages for assets arising from business operations in the insurance period and in the geographic scope specified in the summary of insurance conditions and occurred or caused as described under “Description of risk” in the summary of the insurance conditions;…

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Technical Insurance

1. Construction / installation Insurance Subjects covered: – The works of construction, installation: housing, working offices, factories, roads, bridges, ports, dams and machinery and equipment; structures, industrial plants,  systems of lines and equipment. – The construction / installation projects Coverage: BSH offers insurance for all risks occurring during the construction and installation of works and projects, excluding: – War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether declared war or not declare war), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, mutiny, riot,…

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Cargo Insurance

CARGO INSURANCE Insurance transported goods by sea Subjects covered: All kinds of ordinary goods, excluding coal, bulk oil, frozen food, frozen meat internationally transported by sea . Coverage: Under the conditions on insurance of goods transported by sea ICC 1/11982 (Institute Cargo Clauses – the insurance provisions issued by Institute of London Underwriters and widely used in the world), BSH is responsible for insuring for the risks below, unless otherwise excluded. Table comparing the risks insured / uninsured: Risk…

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Agriculture and Foresty Insurance

INSURANCE FOR RUBBER TREES Coverage: – Lightning and fire but exclude due to war or deliberate acts of human destruction. – Thunderstorms and hurricanes – Flood Losses due to other risks to the above risks are not covered by the insurance and BSH is exempt from liability, Insurance exclusions This insurance does not cover rubber trees which, at the time of the loss, are determined to have been or are in one of the following cases: – Has been…

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Property all risk

PROPERTY ALL RISK Subjects covered: – Assets of the manufacturing, trading, hospitality, service enterprises – Buildings, machinery, equipment, materials and goods – Raw materials,warehouses – Headquarters, working offices – Private houses Coverage: Insurance for all risks to the insured property, Excluding a number of risks stated below: – Wrong design, defects of materials or poor workmanship, the latent defects, the value deteriorates or distortion, natural wear. – Collapse or cracks of the house insured. – Corrosion, rust caused by…

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Fire and special risk insurance

Fire and special risk insurance Subjects covered: – Houses / architectural works and structures – Equipment, furniture – Machinery, equipment – Inventory: materials, finished and semi-finished products Coverage: BSH provides insurance for customer’s property if the losses occur due to the following risks: – Fire – Explosions (arising the flame) – The plane crashed – Disruptions, strikes, lockouts – Malicious actions – Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions – Thunderstorms and hurricanes – Water overflows from the tanks and water containers or…

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