Travel Insurance


Subjects covered:
Insurance for people who go sightseeing, on vacation, swimming, hiking, …. or stay in hotels, motels.

BSH pays for the risks occurring to the insured:
– Death, bodily injury because of an accident.
– the accident is understood in this rule is due to a sudden force, beyond the control of the insured, from outside impacting on the body of the insured person and is the sole direct cause of the insured death or bodily injury.
– Sudden death, illness, morbidity during the insurance period.
– Death or bodily injury because the insured person has actions of rescuing people and assets of the State and the people, and participates in combating the illegal acts.

1. The insured intentionally violates: the laws, rules and regulations of travel agencies, local government of the place of tourism.
2. Intentional acts of the Insured or legal heirs (the nominee who only receives the insurance money under the certificate of insurance or a will or according to law).
3. The insured is affected by alcohol, beer, drugs and other similar stimulants.
4. Not treating or using drug according to the instructions of the medical doctors.
5. War.