(LA) Property all risk


Subjects covered:
– Assets of the manufacturing, trading, hospitality, service enterprises
– Buildings, machinery, equipment, materials and goods
– Raw materials,warehouses
– Headquarters, working offices
– Private houses
Insurance for all risks to the insured property,

Excluding a number of risks stated below:
– Wrong design, defects of materials or poor workmanship, the latent defects, the value deteriorates or distortion, natural wear.
– Collapse or cracks of the house insured.
– Corrosion, rust caused by changes in humidity or dryness of the weather, mold, rot, caused by the loss, evaporation, weight loss, pollution, changes of colors, smells, materials or surface, the damages due to the impact of light, vermin, insects.
– Stealing unless it occurs in the architecture insured and be done with force to break or escape.
– Acts of fraud or dishonesty
– Unexplained loss or the lack of inventory, defective records in the amount of materials into and out of the warehouses or the shortage due to the administrative , accounting errors.
– Cracks causing the breakage, collapse or overloaded pressure of the boiler, economical jar or tubes, leakage in the welds of the boiler.
– Damages caused by electricity or machines or equipment malfunctions
– Rupture, spilling water, drain or water leakage from the tank, pipes or water containers in houses is vacant or not used.

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